Advantages and Disadvantages of Car BPKB Pawn


Advantages and Disadvantages of Car BPKB Pawn

Before discussing how to pawn a car BPKB at a Pegadaian, it’s a good idea to first know the advantages and disadvantages of pawning a car BPKB.

For your own benefit, you probably already know mor

e or less, if by mortgaging the car BPKB, you can get a money loan with a certain nominal.

But apart from that, there are many other advantages and disadvantages of pawning BPKB cars, which include:

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  • Loan disbursement is relatively faster
  • The nominal loan funds obtained are most likely
  • Debtors can avoid the difficulty of taking the guaranteed BPKB
  • Vehicles can still be used for activities, because only BPKB is pawned.

Not only that, the benefits that can be obtained from pawning the car BPKB, but you can also get other benefits if you pawn the car BPKB at the Pegadaian, namely:

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  • Easy requirements
  • There is an interest-free repayment grace period that can be extended
  • All pawning processes that are carried out are guaranteed safe
  • No need to open a special savings account to withdraw loan funds.


  • Goods in this case BPKB will be detained for a certain period of time
  • The nominal amount of credit is limited
  • The age of the vehicle from the BPKB to be pawned cannot be more than five years and the vehicle tax must be alive.
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