How to Pawn a car BPKB at the Pegadaian

How to Pawn a car BPKB at the Pegadaian

How to Pawn a car BPKB at the Pegadaian

After all the information related to pawning BPKB cars you have known in the previous discussion, now is the time for you to know how to pawn BPKB cars at Pegadaian.

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Basically, how to pawn BPKB cars at Pegadaian is not that complicated. You just need to do the following steps.

  • Visit the nearest PT Pegadaian branch office with a number of requirements and goods to be guaranteed (car and BPKB)
  • Then, the Pegadaian officer will later provide an estimate of the value of the vehicle which will become the loan ceiling
  • After the estimated value is obtained, if the customer agrees with the value, the officer will immediately make a Proof of Credit (SBK)
  • If so, the customer must pay an administrative fee of about 10 percent of the loan ceiling
  • After completion, customers can go home and wait for the loan funds to be disbursed within three days.

How about pawning a car BPKB at a Pegadaian, it’s really very easy, isn’t it? Just follow all the steps above, you can immediately pawn the BPKB and get a number of loan funds to meet various needs.

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However, if you are still in doubt and don’t dare to pawn the car BPKB to get a loan, then you can try applying for a loan from an unsecured loan (KTA).

Because as the name implies, this product does not require any guarantee from the customer, to be able to disburse a number of loan funds.

Especially for KTA itself, currently there are also many financial institutions in Indonesia, both banks and non-banks that offer KTA products. So, you can immediately find out and choose according to your needs.

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