Fund Loan Products from Bank Danamon


Fund Loan Products from Bank Danamon

Generally, the loan products offered by Bank Danamon are not only KTA Dana Instant.

Those of you who want to fulfill a lifestyle or even want to own a house and vehicle can also use loan products from the bank.

All products can be used as long as they meet the requirements that have been set. And the following is an explanation regarding the money loan products offered by Bank Danamon.

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1. Danamon Instant Credit Card

KTA Danamon Instant is an unsecured loan product for individuals who want to fulfill their daily needs.

This product has various benefits that make it superior to other unsecured loan products, such as easy requirements, a fast application approval process, a loan limit of up to IDR 200 million, competitive interest rates, and flexible installment payment options.

Although useful, Danamon Instant KTA also has risks that can occur at any time to customers.

These risks have also been explained through the official website of Bank Danamon.

Starting from the cost of fines for customers who make early repayments, the costs of fines if there is a delay in payment of installments, and solving problems through law if the customer cannot pay off obligations.

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2. Danamon Credit Card

Included in the loan product, Danamon credit cards are here to meet the expectations of those of you who want to enjoy a modern lifestyle .

This product can be used to pay monthly bills, shopping transactions, transfer funds or withdraw cash.

The choices presented are also quite diverse, ranging from Classic Cards (Gold and Platinum), Danamon Manchester United Credit Cards, World Cards, World Business Cards, to Danamon World Elite Mastercard Cards.

3. Automotive Funding

Automotive financing is a product of collaboration between Bank Danamon and Adira Finance in providing loans, for customers who want to buy new or used vehicles of all brands.

To use this product, you can directly visit the official website of Bank Danamon or Adira Finance by contacting their customer service at 0804-1811-811.

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4. Home Ownership Loans

Home Ownership Loans or KPR are given to loyal customers of Bank Danamon who want to buy, build, or even renovate a house.

The product choices are divided into four types, namely Home Ownership Loans (KPR), Apartment Ownership Loans (KPA), Home Improvement and Construction Loans (KPR), and Ready-to-Build Plots (KSB).

5. iB . Sharia Home Ownership Financing

Maybe this is a sharia-based product that you want to have your dream home.

The iB Syariah Home Ownership Financing loan product adheres to the Joint Capital Agreement (MMQ), which can be interpreted as financing with the concept of capital cooperation to achieve the goal of purchasing property.

In short, this loan product requires customers to make monthly installment payments first.

Because the funds will later be used to buy the bank’s capital portion in stages until the customer’s share of capital increases.

At the end of the financing period, the portion of the capital fully belongs to the customer to purchase the desired property.

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