How to Apply for a Loan at Amalan


How to Apply for a Loan at Amalan

For the methods and conditions for applying for a loan at Amalan, we simply register through the application or the official website.

How to Apply for a Loan - How and Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Loan at Amalan

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How to apply for a loan at Amalan so that it is not too difficult for us to pay the installments, the steps on the official website are as follows:

  • Open the website at
  • Click Register
  • Chat with Amalia bot to register
  • Choose the type of debt you have, we can check more than one
  • Enter the total billing option
  • Enter your email address, mobile number and other personal data
  • Follow the instructions to the end
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After registering, we will be able to get a free consultation from the consultants at Amalan. Then there is the installment payment stage where we can pay in installments for the funds to be paid off.

Then there is the stage of waivers negotiations carried out by Amalan with the lender.

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From many reviews of Amalan users, the results of this waiver negotiation can be up to 50-90% for the installments. The last stage is the payment of rupiah

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