How to Avoid Illegal Online Loans

How to Avoid Illegal Online Loans

  • Registered with OJK

First, make sure that the online loan company you are looking for is registered with the OJK. Because, not all online loan applications or sites that are spread in the community are under the supervision of the OJK.

Now, how to find out whether the application has been registered with the OJK or not can be seen on the OJK website itself or in an online loan application. Usually, trusted online loans will include the OJK symbol on their application or website.

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  • Always Read Terms and Conditions

Next is to always read the terms and conditions. In some cases, it is not uncommon for online loans that promise to provide bonuses or additional high loan limits if the user registers and gives permission to access various applications on mobile phones.

This is something to watch out for. Not all online loan applications are legal and run a business responsibly.

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If you give access to illegal online loans, it will certainly be very dangerous, because user data and other data have the possibility to be misused.

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  • Pay Attention to Data Access Requests on Mobile

Still continuing with the previous point regarding granting access permissions, always pay attention and consider access requests from online loans given for your cellphone.

If the access request is considered beyond the reasonable limits determined by the OJK, then it is better if you refuse the access approval immediately.

It is recommended that people immediately avoid online loans that provide high interest and do not apply good data security, for mutual convenience and security.

The number of online loan institutions that exist today may sometimes make it a little difficult for you to determine which online loan is trusted.

Well, if you are in need of emergency funds and want to apply for a loan to an online loan, let’s just submit it at

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Not only has it been registered with the OJK, also offers competitive interest rates with a fast and easy application process.

In addition, you can also make comparisons about what type of loan suits your needs and abilities.

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