How to Pawn Goods at Pawnshops Online (Digital Pegadaian)

How to Pawn Goods at Pawnshops Online (Digital Pegadaian)

1. Download the Digital Pawnshop App

The first way to pawn goods at Pegadaian, you have to download an application. This method is done for those of you who want to pawn goods online, to be more practical and not have to queue.

The application that must be downloaded is Pegadaian Digital, which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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2. Registration

The next way to pawn goods at Pegadaian online is to register an account. Like entering your email and password, until your account is active and can be used.

3. Select the Pawn Menu

After the Digital Pegadaian account is active, you can directly log in, then immediately select the Pawn menu.

4. Choose the item you want to pawn

There are many types of goods that can be pawned, as previously discussed. Here you can immediately choose what items you want to pawn.

5. Give Complete Description of the Bar

Not only the type, you also have to provide detailed information regarding the item you want to pawn.

Such as brand, type, year of purchase, current selling price (for mobile phones), and others. However, each type must have a different detailed format.

6. The Pawnshop Application will Process the Application

The application for pledge of goods will be processed immediately, and the application will then notify, regarding the amount of credit from the collateral, until the repayment period.

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7. The pawnshop will pick up the pawn goods

After you agree to all the submission processes, then you can choose a pickup and delivery service.

This service will be able to help you, so you don’t have to deliver the mortgaged goods to the Pegadaian office. But the Pawnshop will pick up the mortgaged goods.

8. Loan Funds will be Disbursed and Directly Entered into Account

After the goods arrive at the Pegadaian, the disbursement of funds can be processed immediately. As for the funds that will be disbursed, they can be sent directly to the account registered in your Digital Pegadaian application.

Well, that’s a row of ways to pawn goods at Pegadaian online. As for if any information is incomplete, or if you have a deeper question, you can ask customer service.

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