Illegal Online Loan Risk

Illegal Online Loan Risk

  • Not Registered with OJK

Maybe you already know that OJK itself has a function in supervising and controlling various activities carried out by the financial services sector, including the activities of online loan companies.

Therefore, a trusted online loan company must have registered with the OJK so that all problems experienced by customers can be assisted and handled by the OJK.

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Then, what about illegal online loans? Of course, they are not registered with the OJK, so the various fraudulent activities carried out cannot be handled by the OJK.

Now, because it is not under the supervision of the OJK, then of course the complaints made by customers to the OJK regarding the losses they have experienced will be difficult to handle by the OJK itself.


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  • Possible Personal Data Spread

When you download an illegal online loan application via a cellphone, usually the application will ask for access to all personal data on the cellphone, including contacts, which then does not rule out the possibility of it being misused for billing in the future.

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As for trusted online loans, usually they will only ask for permission to access the Camera , Microphone , and Location only on the user’s cellphone.

  • Not Obeying the Rules

Usually, the movers of trusted online loan companies will comply with various existing regulations, one of which is the regulation in collecting debts from customers. Well, this does not apply to illegal online loans.

They seem to be free to do anything without being subject to existing laws or regulations.

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