Items that can be pawned at the pawnshop

Items that can be pawned at the pawnshop

  • Home (House Certificate)

Items that are usually pawned for large loans, usually use a house certificate.

  • Motor vehicle

Regardless, motorized vehicles that can be pawned at Pegadaian must meet the requirements, namely vehicles produced for the last 5 years (motorcycles) and the last 10 years (for cars).

Pegadaian will bring a complete BPKB, purchase invoice, and STNK, if you want to pawn a motor vehicle.

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  • Electronic goods

Just like motorized vehicles, to be able to pawn electronic goods must also meet the requirements, namely goods produced in the last one year.

The pawnshop will bring purchase receipts, warranty cards, ID cards, and family cards. In addition, the condition of electronic goods will also be assessed, whether they are still feasible or not.

Electronic goods that can be pawned include televisions, refrigerators, game consoles, smartphones, laptops, computers, and others.

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  • Gold jewelry

Gold is the most common item and the most frequently asked for as a mortgage. Usually, the gold received by Pegadaian is necklaces, rings, bracelets, to gold bars.

Not in the form of gold, diamond-shaped jewelry can also be pawned. The condition is that you must include a gold or diamond letter, along with an ID card and KK.

Well, you already know, what is the meaning of pawn, pawnshop, to goods that can be pawned along with the requirements.

Now, it’s time for you to know how to pawn goods at Pegadaian quickly and easily, which can be done online.

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