Online Loan History

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Online Loan History

Fintech P2P lending or commonly known as this online loan service turned out to be starting to develop and become known to the Indonesian people in 2016.

At that time, online loan services were more often used to help SMEs or local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

The reason is, this online loan for MSMEs can make it easier for them to develop their business, without any collateral or guarantee. The fast process also greatly speeds up MSMEs in obtaining loans.

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Not only can it help customers in solving their financial problems. Behind that, online loans are also used as an alternative place for investors or fund lenders, with attractive returns.

Ini Risiko Pinjaman Online, Pelajari Jangan Sampai Menyesal

In 2018, OJK Found 227 Illegal Online Loans

However, along with the emergence of online-based financial service providers, which increasingly mushroomed in 2018, OJK or the Financial Services Authority, announced that they found at least 227 P2P lending startup companies, which were not registered with OJK.

OJK itself is an independent institution that has the functions, duties and authority to regulate, supervise, examine and investigate all activities in the financial services sector.

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August 2019, OJK Recorded 127 Online Loans Registered and Supervised by OJK, and 1477 Illegal Loans

So, the OJK has begun to urge P2P lending startups or online loans, to be required to register and apply for permits to the OJK. As of August 2019, OJK finally noted that there were 127 P2P lending companies registered and supervised by OJK.

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Even so, there are still around 1477 P2P lending and online lending companies, which are still illegal, aka not yet registered and supervised by the OJK. Thus, the OJK also urges the public to be more vigilant in choosing online loans.

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