PaninBank Interest Rates and Loan Fees for Business Capital

PaninBank Interest Rates and Loan Fees for Business Capital

when it comes to loans, Panin Bank provides various types of loan funds that you can choose from.

However, so far there is one type of cash loan, which is a favorite of many, namely Panin Express Credit.

For those of you who don’t know, Panin Express Credit is one of the unsecured credit facilities (KTA) from Panin Bank, which can be obtained easily and quickly.

The funds obtained from this Panin Express Credit loan can also be used for various types of needs, ranging from business, additional business capital, home renovations, realizing dream weddings, to realizing vacation plans.

Seeing the many things that can be done from the Panin Express Credit loan funds, it is not surprising that this one loan product is widely used by the public.

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In addition to knowing the requirements that must be met, you also have to know the amount of interest rates and fees that must be paid during the loan period.

Which, the interest rates and borrowing costs that must be paid are quite a lot, including:

  • Flat interest rate for a loan tenor of 12 months, 0.88 percent per month
  • Flat interest rate for a loan tenor of 24 months, 0.99 percent per month
  • Flat interest rate for 36 months loan tenor, 1.29 percent per month
  • Administration fee, IDR 50 thousand per year (valid for the second and third year)
  • Provision fee, at three percent of the loan amount approved
  • Late penalty fees, amounting to six percent of the total outstanding installments
  • The penalty for repayment is accelerated, amounting to seven percent of the remaining principal debt.
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All loan fees can be paid through several payment methods, including auto debit via savings, ATM, mobile banking, internet banking or Bank Panin checking accounts.

Meanwhile, for the disbursement of the loan or the cash itself, it will be done through the borrower’s Panin Bank savings or bank statement.

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