Practice Service Fee

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Practice Service Fee

Loans are indeed the best solution available to date for those in need. Many people make loans to both banks and fintech.

The biggest problem with loans is that sometimes we are unable to pay the installments so that the installments are in arrears.

Because sometimes there are people who borrow without thinking about their ability to pay it back.

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Although there are also those who due to unforeseen situations cannot pay the loan installments. In Indonesia, there are already a lot of debts in arrears from debtors.

Because of this, the Amalan application emerged as an online distress solution . Amalan is engaged in a business that can help debtors who cannot pay arrears to banks.

So with this practice, debtors who have arrears can pay them according to the debtor’s financial condition.

Service Fees - How and Terms and Conditions for Applying for a Loan at Amalan

From these loan problems, Amalan will charge a service fee. The fee for this service will be billed if we have agreed to the debt relief program.

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Here are some service fees for each type of credit:

Credit Card and KTA

  • Debt management: 25% of the waiver of repayment/installment
  • Refinancing: 3% of refinancing balance
  • Unsecured Payment Holiday: 15% of the reduced payment

KPR and KMG with Home Guarantee

  • Mortgage restructuring: 1.5% of the mortgage balance
  • Mortgage refinancing: 1.5% of the new mortgage balance
  • KPR Payment Holiday: 15% of payment reduction.
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