Terms and Practice Loan at Amalan


Terms of Applying for a Loan at Amalan

After it is known how to apply for a loan, then in the article on how to apply for a loan at Amalan, what are the conditions that need to be considered. The following conditions must be met:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • No age limit
  • No income limit
  • Have problems with credit card debt, KTA, KPR and KMG
  • Minimum total debt of IDR 10 million
  • Only accept debt problems from conventional banks such as BRI, BNI, BCA and others
  • The type of work can be from self-employed, civil servants, professionals, BUMD/BUMN employees, TNI and Polri and others
  • Can be done in all regions in Indonesia
  • Not required to have NPWP
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Complete ways and conditions for applying for a loan at Amalan

Practice Package

After knowing how and the conditions for applying for a loan at Amalan to ease our debts, we move on to the packages at Amal that can be chosen, including:

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1. Basic

  • 0% registration fee
  • 25% success fee

2. Silver

  • 2% registration fee
  • 17.5% success fee

3. Gold

  • 3% registration fee
  • 15% success fee

4. Platinum

  • 5% registration fee
  • 12.5% ​​success fee
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From the explanation of how and how to apply for a loan at Amalan above, it is also emphasized that we can get debt management program services as long as we have a commitment to pay off our debts in accordance with the estimates given in Amalan.

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