Tips for Preparing Lockdown Anticipation Funds

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Tips for Preparing Lockdown Anticipation Funds

Financial problems are indeed one of the crucial problems faced by many people.

This is also what makes some people afraid, and finally justifies any means to keep finances stable even though the method is not right.

But, how do you actually prepare funds to anticipate the correct lockdown? Check out the full review below.

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1. Controlling financial flows

Having an emergency fund in a situation like this can be started by controlling financial flows.

Because if your financial condition is unstable, how can you prepare funds to anticipate the lockdown?

Therefore, you should rearrange expenses that may be less useful and limit a lifestyle that is too consumptive.

Especially now that the government has suggested that the people of Indonesia, especially Jakarta, reduce the desire to travel to the mall or just hang out with friends.

This can be a good first step for you to limit excess spending, and later the financial flow will become stable.

2. Looking for additional income by doing business

One of the frightening effects of COVID-19 is economic instability.

For that, if you want to protect yourself and your beloved family, it is important to have additional income by doing business at home.

Some businesses that you can try are culinary and fashion, through trusted marketplaces.

If in the future the business actually grows more rapidly, you can increase promotion through social media or the official website.

Don’t forget to still set aside a portion of your sales for urgent needs.

Thus, anticipatory funds are not only owned during critical situations such as what is currently happening.

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3. Consider cash loan services

Tips for preparing funds to anticipate the next lockdown is to try cash loan services.

This service can be a great solution to help you manage your finances.

Especially during the current pandemic, the world economy is experiencing a high spike, which makes many companies inevitably lay off their employees.

Cash loan services are considered more effective than credit cards for financing matters.

This is because the interest rates offered are much lower.

Even so, you still have to be wary of fake cash loans that still hang around a lot today.

4. Become a freelancer

If the company you work for currently has a work from home policy, then use this opportunity as best you can and try to become a freelancer or freelancer.

This is done solely to increase income per month.

The reason is, the salary that you will receive from the company plus being a freelancer can be used as anticipation funds, when unexpected things happen during the lockdown policy.

Try to set a high score when you work as a freelancer, especially if you are very skilled in that field.

For example, once a project is done, you ask for a fee of Rp. 1 million to Rp. 4 million more.

But, keep in mind when you decide to open a freelance service, then you must be able to manage the time between your main and side priorities.

If not, later you will be bothered about which work to complete first.

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5. Know your priorities

By understanding your priorities, you can prepare funds to anticipate the lockdown even until this pandemic ends.

The priority in question is not just reducing activities on the weekends to gather with friends.

More than that, you also have to limit purchases of items that are not important for use at this time.

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