Car donation: how does it work, what advantages does it offer? And how it is transcribed to the PRA.

Car donation: how does it work, what advantages does it offer? And how it is transcribed to the PRA.

Car donation: what is it exactly?

If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to be the beneficiaries of a deed of donation, the situation will be considerably different. Let’s start by saying that the car donation, like any other type of donation, concretely provides for the passage of an asset – in this case a car – from one person to another. The person who donates the good will be defined as the “donor”, while the one who receives the “donee”. The donation can concern goods – in this case a car – but also precious items and even shares and can be of different types.

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The car donation, like all other types of donations, can be “tied” if it is aimed at achieving a purpose or condition. In this case the asset will not be sold until the indicated condition is satisfied. In some cases, it is also possible to decide the exact day on which the donee will become the full owner of the property; finally, it is possible to decide to apply the right of usufruct, therefore no transfer of goods or services will take place as long as the donor remains alive.

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What are the procedures to follow?

To take advantage of a car donation as a beneficiary, three basic conditions must be verified:

  • the first, to ensure that the giver is in full possession of his mental faculties and therefore aware of his actions and consequences;
    the second, to make sure that the car – object of the donation – is not the result of illegal activities.
  • if the donation is of modest value, the private agreement signed by both parties is also sufficient, as it is a contract and authenticated pursuant to art. 7 L. n. 248/2006.

Once these three conditions have been verified, you can then proceed by following the steps provided for in these cases. Since this is an act between private individuals, often relatives or people united by emotional ties, the donation requires the presence of both parties. In this case, the subjects involved must go to a car practice agency at the STA counter – Motorist’s Telematic Counter and submit the following documentation:

  • a valid identity document;
    the certificate of ownership – CDP – to prove full ownership of the vehicle;
    the certificate of residence of the donee or the affidavit that must be signed by the beneficiary at the counter.
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When the recipient of the donation is a Volunteer Organization.

Recognized Volunteer Organizations can register the vehicles received as donations (art. 5 c.2 L. 266/91) when they are suitable and necessary means for carrying out their activities. Also in this case, the deed of donation must contain the donor’s declaration, the acceptance of the legal representative of the SB and must have the form of a public deed drawn up by a notary. The donation of the car indicated in the deed determines the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
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How much does the transcription of the donation to the PRA cost?

The donation is subject to the payment of the Provincial Transcription Tax (IPT) calculated proportionally on the basis of the Province of residence / registered office of the recipient of the donation. For residents of some provinces, a fixed payment is envisaged for sales subject to VAT;

  • PRA fees, currently € 27.00;
    Stamp duty, no.


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