How to donate a car to relatives or friends

Car donation: what it is

Giving the car as a gift involves a change of name and therefore an official practice, called a donation: the procedure is simple and the costs are quite low.

In this case, the donor is the one who gives the car to the donee and does not require any fees, and the procedure takes place in 3 different ways, mainly based on the purpose envisaged by the parties:

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bound – subject to a certain condition or purpose, it occurs only if the latter is satisfied
pre-established – with day, month and year in which the donation will actually be made
through usufruct – linked to the life of the donor, it takes place at his death

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Car donation: the procedures

If the donor is in full capacity, the donation procedure can be completed without problems; in addition, the tax stamp situation must first be regularized and there must be no mortgages.

At this point, the donee has only the task of making sure that the asset is not the result of illegal activities: given these premises, the procedure between individuals is simple, as it resembles a real sale.

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To make a car donation procedure, you can go to:

1. paying commissions – in a car practice agency or in an ACI delegation

2. without surcharges – at an ACI point or in the DMV

You will therefore need the following documentation:

1. a valid identity document
2. the certificate of ownership (a declaration of sale must be written between father and son with authenticated signature of both)
3. the certificate of residence of the donee (or the deed signed by the beneficiary at the counter) if necessary
4. presentation note to the PRA with the family member’s tax code
5. registration certificate
6. copy of the TT 2119 form for updating the booklet
7. copy of the identity card of the new holder

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Car donation: expected expenses

The costs to complete the procedure for donating the car are:

1. IPT (Provincial Transcription Tax) based on the province of residence and / or registered office of the beneficiary (Trento and Bolzano provide for other fixed cost items for sales subject to VAT)

2. PRA fees
3. € 16 revenue stamp
4. update of the registration certificate in the Civil Motorization

Donating the car is certainly not a very common situation, since a minimum fee is often required even for old cars, but it is always good to know all the possibilities offered by the law.


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