The expert replies on the donation

The expert replies on the donation

I would like to donate my car to a friend, what should I do?

Passaggio di proprietà tra padre e figlio: come funziona
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The donation of a car between private individuals is equivalent to a sale, it simply has to go to an agency of car practices, equipped with STA (Telematic Office of the Motorist), with the following documents:
1. CDP (Certificate of Ownership) and identity document
2. Certificate of residence of her friend, or notary deed signed by her friend in front of the counter.
3. The owner must sign the CDP, which is valid as a deed of sale, which will report the details of her friend; the signature will be authenticated by the counter

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4. If the stamp duty has expired, it must be regularized before going to the counter
5. At the same time, one of the two must pay the taxes and the cost of the PRA formality at the counter, which depend on the power of the vehicle.
Having done this, in a single visit, her friend owns the vehicle, and she will receive the update of the registration certificate at her home.

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