The Best Can 8Th Gate Guy Beat Naruto Ideas

The Best Can 8Th Gate Guy Beat Naruto Ideas. And that's not an exaggeration, it's just how monstrous the man known as madara is. If itachi wins, it's not because of speed.

Can Might Guy Beat Naruto NARUCROT
Can Might Guy Beat Naruto NARUCROT from

Just a simple fight between the two. Naruto doesnt have the same advantage, he is on a time limit. 5 ways sasuke is better than.

It's Because Of Susanoo Or Genjutsu.

Might duy was guy's father, and although he never achieved a rank higher than genin, he was a taijutsu specialist who trained so often and thoroughly that he was able to unlock all eight gates. Madara is way stronger than vanilla guy. Naruto can't use baryon mode and might guy has opened all the 8 inner gates and no one will interfere this fight.

When Someone Uses The Eighth Gate, They Will Obtain God.

I'm not sure if hokage naruto and sasuke could take a single hit from 8th gate guy, who could hit harder than a kcm3 bijuudama from naruto. Even rinnegan sasuke who is probably the strongest character 8 gates guy could actually feasibly hurt has means of escaping with his ability to teleport and perfect susanoo that can fly. Hashirama cannot do that with any of his power wood style jutsus including the ones covered in sage jutsu.

1 Might Duy Opened All Eight Gates To Save His Son From The Seven Ninja Swordsmen Of The Mist.

Here’s the deal, the 8th gate has insane destructive powers to the point that madara lost half his body but we saw how important regeneration is too in that. 8g guy is much stronger than hashirama. Sosp naruto wins against 8th gate guy due to superior feats.

6) Itachi Able To Keep Up With Kcm Naruto Means Nothing Because Might Guy In 8Th Gate Can Easily Blitz Kcm Naruto.

From what i've seen so far, the only people i'm convinced that can definitely beat edo 8 gate guy is jin madara & likely kaguya. Itachi without those 2 abilities gets blitzf***ed by 7th gate guy. Naruto is from after he gains the sage's power, and has learnt to use them.

So It’s Obvious That 8 Gates Is Superior To Hashirama But It’s In A Specific Category.

Itachi and nagato are reanimations so no. This is an edo 8 gates guy with no stamina drain, no slow death, can literally spam night guy & evening elephant (which made a massive crater damn near the size of the juubi tree thing). And that's not an exaggeration, it's just how monstrous the man known as madara is.

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