Awasome Does Naruto Have Whiskers Reddit Ideas

Awasome Does Naruto Have Whiskers Reddit Ideas. Ok, so here’s the thing, naruto doesn’t actually have whiskers. The next next next generations to find out if it really is though.

Naruto Sage... or Kyuubi colored by kittyface27 on DeviantArt
Naruto Sage… or Kyuubi colored by kittyface27 on DeviantArt from

That means that her child wouldn't have whiskers and so neither tsunade nor nawaki should have them. The first is that naruto was apparently born with his whiskers before the fox was ever put into him. The thing is yes, he does.

He Was Influenced By The Nine Tails As His Mother Kushina Had The Best Sealed Inside Her At The Time.

Anime is an interesting art form, just because there are a lot of things that are specific to the genre. If boruto and himawari have whiskers !!! However, naruto’s most notable physical traits are the whisker marks that appear on his face, which he acquired due to kurama’s influence when he was still in kushina’s mother’s womb.

The Fact That Tsunade’s Parents Aren’t Mentioned At All Is Just Weird.

The next next next generations to find out if it really is though. To my understanding, people with kurama's genetics have whiskers. **please make sure to read the rules before posting.**

You Could Literally Show Anyone Who Doesn’t Know About Naruto A Picture Of Him.

I do not know enough about this comic to really totally. Georgio722 · 1/10/2017 in naruto series. Even into naruto's later adult years as the seventh hokage of konoha, kurama, and in effect naruto's trademark whiskers would remain implanted with the character.

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After transforming, kurama’s chakra usually overpowers naruto, and he is placed into a temporary sleep. The dark circles underneath his eyes also symbolize the raccoon fox that took over his body as well. The theory goes that the whiskers symbolizes the nine tailed fox demon inside naturo’s body that took over millions and millions of years ago.

Then Why Tsunade Doesn't Have Whiskers Since Her Grandmother Was Also The Jinchuriki.

Some fans believe that kurama's chakra was embedded into kushina uzumaki's child when she was pregnant. This is why naruto has whiskers in the series. This makes so much more sense.

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