Awasome Is Naruto The 8Th Hokage 2022

Awasome Is Naruto The 8Th Hokage 2022. Sasuke is someone whose presence alone can make a huge difference to the village and put the people at. Having inherited his paternal grandfather’s genius and his father’s unpredictability, he achieved the highest mark in his.

Konohamaru The 8th Hokage YouTube
Konohamaru The 8th Hokage YouTube from

In that case, who could become the 8th hokage? Hashirama plans to name madara as the hokage. There aren't anyone else who really wants to become hokage.

There Have Been Eight Hokage In.

Fortunately, we get to see naruto's hokage ceremony in anime form. Someone else will need to step up and take over as the 8th hokage at some point. There are two ways to watch this ceremony:

But There Is A Short Film Named Very Aptly The Day Naruto Became The Hokage In Which They Show Us The Very Hilarious Events That Took Place On The Day Naruto Was Named (Crowned?) The 7Th Hokage.

In that case, who could become the 8th hokage? Descended from both of his powerful bloodlines, boruto is a prodigy, considered capable of accomplishing anything he attempts in a remarkably short time. After his sensei ebisu dies in the.

The Only Man That Uchiha Madara Never Acknowledged As The Strongest, Kakashi ’S Greatest Rival, A Great Teacher And Leader Makes Might Guy One Of The Best Available Shinobi To Be The Hokage.

Initially, he just wanted to be recognized as someone other than the third hokage’s grandson. Konohamaru is not hokage material from what we've seen. Home / keywords / 8th hokage in naruto.

But Say Something Happened, Kakashi Would Be A Top One.

Naruto may be the strongest, however, he won't be the hokage forever. Fire shadow) is the kage of konohagakure, a title bestowed on the village's leader. The hokage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village.

Naruto Is A Show About A Young Ninja With Something To Prove, And If You Give It A Chance, You May Get Hooked.

There have been seven hokage in the village's history. Besides, he had hokage and lead. Even his broken leg does not hinder his enthusiasm to.

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