The Best Naruto 6Th Hokage Time Travel Fanfiction Ideas

The Best Naruto 6Th Hokage Time Travel Fanfiction Ideas. 25979 work from home working form home jobs and careers on totaljobs. The blond future by ヴェネツィア.

Towards The Sun by SilentShanin on DeviantArt
Towards The Sun by SilentShanin on DeviantArt from

He does have the number one unpredictable shinobi on his side. What it takes to be hokag. Adventure anime/manga naruto orochimaru oc third hokage set is the reign of the third hokage a young genin trains to be something but naruto goes back in time and becomes a student under minato naruto time travel to the past fanfiction, we travel one year in time between birthdays, for example only naruto and sasuke are left after killing him.

What It Takes To Be Hokag.

I wonder what he did with it this time? meanwhile, very far away, naruto sat on a branch of a very tall tree that overlooked the village. Sarutobi hiruzen, the sandaime hokage of konohagakure, sat behind his wooden desk in his office. With naruto being flung into past, the third hokage gathers an audience to watch the memories of the blonde teen.

Upon That Desk Were Stacks Of Documents That He Had Yet To Look At, Much To His Ever Dismay, And A.

In this series of hokage naruto time travel fanfiction, the reader has to use his or her common sense to solve the mysteries that surround the author. It certainly helped in instilling loyalty in his older years of being hokage, and by the time he passed the mantle onto his successor he had already passed on from being a stern commander in the. Obito and kakashi screamed at the same time hoping that naruto got away safely as everyone stared at them weirdly.

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As the sun rose over the mountains, naruto put his plan into action. That one naruto time travel thing by redyoshi14. At least he isn't alone in this.

Sure, He Was A Young Man Now, But When Naruto Became Hokage And Naruto Himself Was Thirty Two, Iruka Was Already In His Fourties.

The blond future by ヴェネツィア. But not sasuke and naruto's with kaguya or black zetsu. It was impossible because sasuke was the remaining uchiha clan member in their generation.

It Is Impossible For A Mere Human To Change That Path.

Shikamaru shrugged before he went back to his laziness. A man sat in solitary, the quietness of a battlefield all around him. From the moment the light began to shine over the peek to the time the sun's rays no longer reflected off the mountain, was all naruto had to put his.

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