Famous Naruto Blood Prison Kushina Fanfiction References

Famous Naruto Blood Prison Kushina Fanfiction References. 'hmm he is a smart demon to know that the seal would break down and the kyuubi would be freed. It's been two week since the sasuke uchiha retrieval mission.

Ninja World Naruto Death Of Minato And Kushina
Ninja World Naruto Death Of Minato And Kushina from matabesar009.blogspot.com

Nanami uzumaki was a child with a fiery temper and a strong will. The people were suffering, civilian, ninja and samurai alike. The action happens when naruto and sasuke fight in valley of the end.

When Tsunade Decided To Send Naruto To The Blood Prison It Was Purely To Protect Him From Akatsuki And Find The Mastermind Behind The Crime He Was Framed For.

This is a story of how naruto is sent to prison for completing his mission and the many consequences of that move has on konoha as a whole as it pertains to a certain blonde. You will be placed in a maximum security prison until we decide on your punishment. So it was true you really did abandon me! naruto shouted as he lounges at kushina but was caught by some chains.

Warning This Is A Naruto X Mei X Hinata Fic, Not Sure If I Should Make It A Harem Fanfic Tho But If I Feel I Can Smoothly Add.

October 27, 2020 naomi h. Kakashi let him get it all out, listening to his student weep. (hozuki castle, morning) deep within hōzuki castle, otherwise known as the blood prison, raspy breathing could be heard, coming from inside one of the many cells.

Like He Spent 4 Years In The Prison, All The Konoha 12 Except Sakura Were Fake Friends Who Threw.

Years later the akatsuki attack and konoha believes they are winning, only thing is, akatsuki has a ace up their sleeves. Well as stated in my other works this is one of the new stories that i wrote during my unwarranted hiatus. The dreams showed him where to go and what he needed to do to get there.

Who Is This Person They Want To.

Naruto, she really is your mother! rin shouted. An old enemy, a feared hatred for his old home. Complacent in his superiority, oda had underestimated the former konoha genin and had paid for it with his life.

This Fic Starts Off With My Own Version Of What Happened During The Blood Prison Movie And Will Continue From There.

Like a wine celler, a very long wine celler with scrolls instead. Uzumaki naruto, we find you guilty of all aforementioned crimes. It's been two week since the sasuke uchiha retrieval mission.

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