+16 Naruto Uchiha Fanfiction Reddit Ideas

+16 Naruto Uchiha Fanfiction Reddit Ideas. Now a few months ago, i was introduced to the oc character called kiyomi uchiha and ever since then i've been interested in her character. Hashirama senju shisui uchiha shukaku tsunade yahiko.

Uchiha Clan Good Sharingan Naruto Fanfiction Reddit
Uchiha Clan Good Sharingan Naruto Fanfiction Reddit from ieatthereforieam.blogspot.com

Uzumaki has naruto, hinata, boruto, and himawari ( and karin but she's not in konoha). Maybe they don't have the chakra reserves or athleticism they had in the fake reality, but they have the knowledge of all the skills and the experience. Within those 80 years, person x climbs up the ranks, learns new jutsu, and fights against a range of shinobi.

Despite All The Love And Hype He Gets, He Barely Has Any Fanfiction.

(jumpcut to naruto staring at sasuke from across his desk) naruto: Hashirama senju shisui uchiha shukaku tsunade yahiko. Iv read a lot of naruto fanfics lately and i came across a few good uchiha centered story's but the majority were flops.

Within Those 80 Years, Person X Climbs Up The Ranks, Learns New Jutsu, And Fights Against A Range Of Shinobi.

Sasuke, sakura by marriage, and sarada. Madara reveals himself to be naruto's grandfather. Some people do ship naruto with sakura and you can find plenty of narusaku fics.

Now A Few Months Ago, I Was Introduced To The Oc Character Called Kiyomi Uchiha And Ever Since Then I've Been Interested In Her Character.

(naruto locks lips with sasuke as ‘my first kiss’ by 3oh!3 plays in the background). But, the average naruto fan probably preferred hinata as a love interest since sakura is generally. Naruto famously fails to understand sasuke in this encounter, appealing to things that he has no reason to care about, like the fact that orochimaru killed the 3rd hokage, or that his friends sacrificed themselves to rescue him.

I Found Myself —Like Many Of You I Would Imagine— Deeply Disappointed With The Baruto Reveal For This Franchise's Legacy.

Now i've been trying to look for fanfiction with naruto x kiyomi but i realized that there weren't many fanfiction of her unless people had changed her name in their fanfiction. First of all, gaara is a way harder opponent than neji. Naruto blames himself, and it's up to.

This Was Itachi Who Was Holding His Younger Sister Satsuki Uchiha.

He infused both his cells and hashirama's cells into naruto. Naruto has been alone since birth but, when itachi convinces his parents to adopt him, he becomes a cheerful little uchiha. People often say sakura should have been with him instead of sasuke but the lee/sakura fanfiction is non.

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