6 Easy Guide to Offer Letter & Contract Breakdown

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6 Guide to Easy Offer Letter & Contract Breakdown


At x27, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals. Every month, I’d estimate that we make an offer to one or two contractors.

We’ve recently added another member to our sales team, and in today’s video, I’d want to walk you through the actual offer letter and contract template that we utilize. 

Please feel free to use this for any of your own promotions. Let’s get this party started. Please find below a copy of the precise offer letter template that we use.

We’ll start with the basics. Dear Contractor Name, We are glad to extend this contract for the outsourced position of Business Development Associate. Please accept our sincere thanks for your cooperation.

Please have a look at the overview of terms and conditions, which serves as the basic introduction.

Start With Small Contract First

After the interview, they usually meet with our co-founder, and then they sign a contract that covers the first month of employment with them. We use that first month to see if they’re a good fit, and we charge them a lower fee in order to do so before offering them a full contract. Initially, we go over their title and position, and then we include this clause of exclusivity in the contract.

Even though I’m not sure how many of our contractors actually adhere to this policy, we included it in the contract to ensure that if they work for x27, they will refrain from taking part in any other contracts, consulting, or other business activities that would create a conflict of interest with the company.

However, we don’t want to run into a situation where a contractor is working on marketing for digital agencies while also working on marketing for digital agencies with their own agency at the same time, which is something we don’t want to happen.

Only Proceed to the Main Contract if the Employee is Good

That appears to be a bit of a diversion of their attention from their main goal. After then, they proceed through the process of reparation. This is how we refer to the original contract rate in our deal.

This person received 2,000 dollars to cover his first 30 days, and depending on how well he performs after that, his monthly salary will likely increase to approximately 3,000 dollars. Then we go over the fact that this contract will necessitate around 40 hours per week for the employee.

Write about Vacation Policy in The Contract

We then go on to contractor perks, where we discuss our vacation policy, which does not, in fact, exist at all. I’m not sure what we’re talking about when we bring this up. It’s possible that we’ll have to write a vacation policy here.

Write about Termination of Contract

This section of the contract effectively states that we can terminate the contract at any time for any reason, with or without cause. The following language is legalese, which basically states that anything we said prior to entering into this contract is essentially meaningless.

In the partnership, this contract is the only thing that matters, which is vital for contracts since you don’t want people to sue you based on something you stated before to signing the contract.

Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of doing business these days. Unfortunately, that is simply the way people can be sometimes. After that, we have another section that deals with termination.

We were just discussing about how we can terminate at any time with or without notice and stuff like that. In the United States, full-time employees are often employed on a “at will” basis, which means that any firm can terminate anyone at any moment for any cause, including but not limited to those that are discriminatory in nature.

There are several particular laws that apply in this situation.

For contractors, there are even fewer laws in that you can simply terminate a contract at any time, depending on the conditions of the contract you’re working under. Some people choose to hire someone for a whole year or a complete six months on a contract basis. According to my observations, there is no such requirement. If you present someone with a month-to-month contract, they are more likely to sign it.

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For the sake of privacy, we just state that they will not be allowed to distribute any information that we provide them. It’s similar to a non-disclosure agreement paragraph. In terms of taxes, because they are independent contractors, they are responsible for all of their own taxes, which we have documented here. Furthermore, this final section discusses how nothing in this contract may be modified or amended unless it is included in this contract as an amendment and signed by both parties. Then they can accept the offer and signatures that have been provided down below.

The template that we follow is as follows: Please feel free to make changes. Make use of it as a model for your own contract. I’m required to tell you that you should have a lawyer review any contracts you draft before sending them out.

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