The Best Sasuke Vs Naruto Who Is Stronger Ideas

The Best Sasuke Vs Naruto Who Is Stronger Ideas. These characters possess all kinds of special abilities that separate them from the rest. Both naruto and sasuke are the 2 main characters of the naruto franchise.

Naruto 20 Characters That Are Stronger Than Sasuke ScreenRant
Naruto 20 Characters That Are Stronger Than Sasuke ScreenRant from

Base sasuke is stronger than naruto. Sasuke can also use kirin and also has access to curse mark forms. Naruto also has 9 chakra along with other tail chakra beast which makes him way more powerful than sasuke.

The Answer To That Would Still Be Neither.

Sasuke curse mark form can defeat naruto without any difficulty. I see naruto sasuke power lvls to be tthe equivalent of the relationship btwn hashirama and madara i.e. To prove he was stronger, sasuke battled his friend, vowing to kill him to unlock the next stage of the sharingan.

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One could argue naruto was closer to being at 100% than sasuke. Before aoda, manda was sasuke’s summoner, who was also orochimaru’s summoner. Is naruto stronger than sasuke?

So Far, Sasuke Is The Only One With Two Summons.

His gentle fist fighting style was formidable, and he had a nearly impenetrable defense. The byakugan was a powerful tool he wielded with an expertise that every fan had to appreciate. Once against sakura, and once against each 9 tailed beasts.

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When the final fight between the two ended sasuke accepted his defeat, which should’ve been enough to let people know that naruto is strongest. As naruto grew up he wanted to become a powerful shinobi and the hokage of his village, konohagakure. Naruto and sasuke have had one of the most iconic rivalries in anime history.

Mylittle Brother Wanted To Make Naruto Versus Sasuke And He Did It Is So Sick Watch It

What's even worse is the fact that sasuke has gone as far as trying to eliminate his only friend in the. Over all naruto is more powerful. At times, he's sought power to kill his brother and avenge his clan, while at others, he's used his powers to save konoha.

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