+16 Seventh Hokage In Naruto Ideas

+16 Seventh Hokage In Naruto Ideas. The ninja in orange wants to one day become the hokage and change the ninja. And at the same time, sarada begins to have doubts about.

Naruto 700 Seventh Hokage by TofiqHuseynov on DeviantArt
Naruto 700 Seventh Hokage by TofiqHuseynov on DeviantArt from tofiqhuseynov.deviantart.com

The ferocity of the look mixed with the power that it implies cannot be beaten and is truly a testament to how far naruto has come since his debut. When does naruto become hokage? Naruto became the 7th hokage of konoha, replacing kakashi hatake and achieving his dream of being the strongest ninja in the village.

This Story Takes Place Fifteen Years After The Fourth Shinobi World War, And Focuses On Sasuke And Sakura Uchiha's Daughter.

Poe / january 10, 2022. He is the seventh hokage from leaf village. Giving his son, boruto, enough attention is the toughest task he has.

He Becomes The Seventh Hokage And Marries Hinata.

The hokage is generally considered the strongest shinobi in the village. After the events of naruto shippuden, kakashi retires, and naruto uzumaki finally becomes the seventh hokage. The titular naruto hails from the village.

And At The Same Time, Sarada Begins To Have Doubts About.

With the world now safe and the ninja villages working together, naruto's work as hokage seems pretty mundane. His previous hokage has been kakashi ( 6th hokage), tsunade (fifth hokage), minato. Naruto’s sage mode is still the seventh hokage’s best look, and when comparing it to his past outfits, that.

At This Point, Naruto And.

Hokage react to seventh hokage (naruto) || gacha react video 😊part 2 : There are lot of similarities between naruto and seventh hokage though. With kakashi stepping down as hokage, naruto uzumaki was made the 7th hokage of the village, however, sasuke uchiha certainly had a good shout as well.

As The Son Of Minato And Student Of Kakashi, Naruto Is Primed To Achieve His Lifelong Dream Of Becoming Hokage, As He Is Seen As One Of The Strongest Ninjas In The World Following His Role In.

The seventh hokage, naruto uzumaki is the current leader of konoha and also the strongest of all the kage. The latest arc of boruto: The only hokage to be inaugurated after the end of naruto's initial run, naruto uzumaki himself is the seventh hokage and the only hokage of boruto's run.

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