Cool The Worst Naruto Characters References

Cool The Worst Naruto Characters References. The main characters, ranked from worst to best by character arc 18 temari. The 10 worst naruto characters in series history, according to ranker 10 sasuke uchiha.

The 20 Worst Naruto Characters In Series History (With Explanations)
The 20 Worst Naruto Characters In Series History (With Explanations) from

Despite all the horrible things some characters in naruto do,. At her core, hinata hyuga doesn't change much throughout the naruto franchise. Obito literally ended up being alone since young.

In The Opening, We Get A Scene Of A Star Falling From The Sky.

Kiba inuzuka was one of the other konoha 11 kids who never seemed to do much. That's not a bonafide problem, though. The best part about naruto was that no matter how perfect or powerful a person might have appeared to be, they all had their flaws.

5 Obito Uchiha Tobi Is A Fictional Character From The Naruto Universe Created By Masashi Kishimoto And Developed Into A Media Franchise, Which Consists Of A Series Of Manga, Anime, Soundtracks, Ovas, Movies, Video Games, And Other Collectibles.

He's unmatched in taijutsu and he has the. The 10 worst naruto side characters, ranked tenten never got a chance. While some fans justify sasuke's actions by saying that he lost.

Fundamentals Of His Characterisation Have Been Mutilated Gradually Throughout The Series.

The boy with a star's name. Danzo was always one of those characters that i never hated, but pissed me off more than anyone else. Hated for being useless filler, and in some cases hyping up neji way too much.

Hinata, Gaara, Sasuke, Obito, Naruto And Konan Are The Saddest.

Naruto and naruto shippuden had no scarcity of exceptionally interesting characters, who were all unique in their own way. I am pissed because he wasted so many sharingans only to end up dead. Jiraiya is one of the most beloved characters in the naruto series.

9 Ebisu Is Not Much Of A Jonin.

2 moegi kazamatsuri wood style jutsu is something only a feeble people can use. Hated for becoming obnoxious and pretentious near the end and way too smug. Tsunade and shizune splooshed when they saw pictures of him lmao.

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