Avoid Saying The Wrong Thing When Filing and Insurance Claim

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Avoid Saying The Wrong Thing When Filing and Insurance Claim


When making an insurance claim, it’s important not to say the wrong thing. Claims can be settled quickly or take months or years depending on what you say to your insurance company when filing a claim. Here are a few phrases and words to stay away from. You’ll have to Brevity Discretion Cordiality Sense of common decency A legal document and an attorney (optional). To begin, below are the necessary actions.

Be as concise as possible when filing a claim, whether it’s in writing or over the phone with an insurance agent.

When making a claim for property damage, avoid using terms like “flooded” and “mold,” as these could set off investigations that cause your claim to be delayed or refused. As a second step, steer away of phrases that imply that you’re undergoing experimental or clinical trial treatment, such as “experiment.” Your treatment should be referred to as “medically required” wherever possible.

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It is important to be clear and concise when reporting an automobile accident to an insurance company. Do not apologize for the accident. It’s best to avoid the term “whiplash,” which insurance companies are suspicious of due to the prevalence of false whiplash claims. Before making a statement to the other driver’s insurance company, consult with an attorney. The fourth and last step.

No matter how enraged you are with your insurance provider after submitting a claim, do not become violent toward them.

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Being abrasive will not help your case, and you should avoid it at all costs. Remind yourself that the insurance claims adjuster is not an ally. Do not let your feelings or their seeming empathy lead you to say the wrong thing while filing a claim, regardless of how sympathetic they appear.

Take notes of any insurance company conversations, including the names of the people you speak to, their direct phone numbers, and their work positions. If you ever run into an issue, they’ll come in helpful. 1.7 million insurance claims were filed in six states after Hurricane Katrina struck.

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