Learn to Write a Movie Script

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Learn to Write a Movie Script


You could think, “Man, that’s incredibly unprofessional,” and you’d be correct. Billy has all of his ideas written down, whether they are in a logical order or not this type of word dump is commonly referred to as beat sheets, log lines, or a story map now that he has all of his ideas written down in a jumbled mess of whatever that is, he is ready to get organized and script his movie. A technique that I use frequently is to keep an archive of just random details in one document. These details might include everything from character names to backstories to plot ideas to just odd thoughts that I might have had in the shower or whatever oh that’s a wonderful idea. [Music] Consider this document to be a shopping list of ideas that you can add to as you go along but also draw from when you’re writing your script okay so Billy got his ideas down on paper and organized them into details so he’s ready to write now you can write your scenes dialogue and action in whatever format you’d like right now today I’m teaching you how to do it in the professional screenplay format but really whatever works for you works best I’m just showing you what works for me okay so Billy got his ideas No, Billy, you’re not coming with me. return to this location get back there you’re learning this so for any professional filmmaker out there give me some slack I learned this on the internet so if it’s not 100 professional don’t yell it now I totally understand that everyone has their own style of scripting and their own way of formatting it but i’m just showing you what I do and there’s no really right or wrong to it I personally like to use pages to script so I made myself a custom template that I can just click and get into and not have to worry about reformatting the whole document so if you use pages as well I included the template link in the description now the screenplay font is courier and the default size is 12 point on the title page I include the title of the film the writer’s name and if it’s based on anything then in the bottom right corner I personally like to put the date I began writing the script my company name and a copyright year for the actual writing scene we always start with something called a slug line now a slug line this tells you what scene it is whether it’s an interior or exterior location the actual location and the time of day now if you need to put a specific location within the main location you can do that as well and then you’re ready to start writing all the action is collected in paragraphs and any dialogue is centered with the character’s name in all caps above what they say in all honesty it’s as simple as that now you can get that mess of a story in your head into properly formatted scenes dialogue and action even billy can do it for more in-depth explanations on how to format whether it be the margin sizes the exact measurements what the margins and the header and the footer should be I’ve included links to a few resources that I personally use and that have assisted me in learning how to create a movie script; please see the description for more information on those publications. But that’s all for today I’m so glad I was able to get out recruiting Mondays for 2021 and I hope we’ll be able to have more in the future I’m posting and uploading every week on Mondays very happy not always pretty mondays but it’s going to be something so keep an eye out for that and I’d love to hear if this was helpful and if you wrote a script based on this. Thanks for watching and please comment and subscribe.

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